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Our Mission


The mission of the Rockdale Elementary community is to cultivate students’ intellectual capabilities, creative gifts, and unique qualities as individuals in an intellectually challenging and safe environment. We strive to develop individuals whose joy in active learning, commitment to ethical action and environmental responsibility, and learning in and through the arts, will guide them to meaningful lives as contributing citizens of a changing, dynamic world. We are dedicated to personalizing learning for each and every student while respecting individual differences.

Bully Free zone

TITLE IX: An Environment Free From Discrimination

Each student and employee has a right to learn and work in an environment that is free from unlawful discrimination. No District student or employee shall be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subject to discrimination on the basis of actual or perceived sex, sexual orientation, gender, or gender identity or expression.


Students or parents/guardians should report their verbal or written Title IX complaint to the school administrator or Title IX/Bullying Complaint Manager within six months from the date the alleged incident occurred or first obtained knowledge. Complainants have a right to a timely and informal resolution at the school site.


Rockdale's Title IX Complaint Managers   


Stefani Williams, Principal

[email protected]


Xenia Frangeskou, Magnet Coordinator

[email protected]


(323) 255-6793


If the complainant is dissatisfied with the school-site or Local District decision, the complainant may file a written Uniform Complaint Procedures (UCP) complaint directly with the Educational Equity Compliance Office. This will begin the investigation process which must be completed within 60 days.  An appeal of the Educational Equity Compliance Office's findings may be made to the California Department of Education - Office of Equal Opportunity.


Please contact the Office of Communications and Media Relations at [email protected] or call 213-241-6766 to request access to or notify LAUSD about on-line information or functionality that is currently inaccessible. To file a formal grievance with the Los Angeles Unified School District, under Section 504 and Title II, please click here to learn how.“